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May 8, 2021

“Coke Keeps You Thin!” – 1961 Coca-Cola Commercial

In 1961, a Coca-Cola ad aired on television in which a very bold claim is made: that Coke can help to keep people thin. It’s an interesting ad because it helps to highlight some of the cultural differences between the time that it aired and today. But it also helps to show that the nature of advertising really has remained the same even as far back as sixty years ago.

The ad is represented by Connie Clausen, an attractive TV actress who was relatively well known at the time this ad was aired. Clausen starts out the clip by noting she’s a “waist-watcher from way back”. She then spends the next 60 seconds extolling the many benefits of America’s favorite soft drink. Here’s wagering you didn’t know Coke has no more calories than half a grapefruit, and is also a natural and wholesome blend of pure food flavors.

Best of all Coke also keeps you from eating something that might really add those pounds. The subliminal message from Clausen—who seems to be either mildly drunk or stoned—is that Coke keeps you thin.

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