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April 14, 2021

36 Incredible Then-and-Now Photos Show How Norwich Has Changed From the Norwich Blitz

The Norwich Blitz refers to the heavy bombing of Norwich and surrounding area by the German Luftwaffe during World War II. The bombings launched on numerous British cities were known as the Blitz.

Initially bombed in the summer of 1940, Norwich was subsequently not attacked until April and May 1942 as part of the so-called Baedeker raids, in which targets were chosen for their cultural and historical value and not as a strategic or military target.

The most devastating of these attacks occurred on the evening of 27 April 1942 and continued again on 29 April. There were further attacks in May and a heavy bombardment on 26 and 27 June in which Norwich Cathedral was damaged. Norwich Castle, the City Hall and the Guildhall escaped while many residential streets were destroyed.

A set of incredible then-and-now photos from Nick J Stone that shows how Norwich has changed from the Norwich Blitz.

St Martins/Oak Street, 1942 and 2012

Alexandra Road, 1942 and 2011

Aylsham Road, 1942 and 2011

Aylsham Road, 1942 and 2012

Bonds & Ber Street, 1942 and 2011

Caernarvon Road, 1942 and 2011

Catton at the corner of Church Street and Spixworth Road, 1945 and 2011

Dornier in a Car Park, 1940 and 2013

Essex Street, 1942 and 2012

Harmers Factory, St Andrews Broad Street, 1943 and 2012

Junction Road, 1942 and 2011

King George VI, 1942 and 2012

Lady betty Road, 1941 and 2012

London Street, 1943 and 2012

Norwich City Hall, 1940 and 2011

Norwich Market, 1943 and 2012

Norwich Thorpe Station, 1940 and 2012

Parachute troops, bare-headed and wearing 'jump jackets', in Norwich during exercises in Eastern Command, 1941 and 2012

Rampant Horse Street, 1942 and 2011

Rampant Horse Street, 1942 and 2012

St Augustines Gate, 1942 and 2014

St Augustines School, 1940 and 2012

St Benedicts Gate, 1942 and 2011

St Benedicts Street, 1942 and 2013

St Benedicts Street, 1942 and 2912

St Mary's Baptist Chapel on the corner of St Mary's Plain/Duke Street, 1942 and 2011

St Swithins Road, 1942 and 2012

The Avenues, 1942 and 2012

The junction of Oak Street and Sussex Street just off St Augustines, 1942 and 2012

The Vauxhall Tavern, Vauxhall Street/Walpole Street, 1941 and 2011

Upper Goat Lane from St Giles, 1942 and 2011

Upper St Giles, 1942 and 2012

UXB in Theatre Street, 1942 and 2011

Waterloo Park, 1942 and 2011

Waterloo Road, 1942 and 2011

Westwick Street & Barn Road, 1942 and 2011

(Photo © Nick Stone)


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