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April 14, 2021

Street Fashion in the 1940s Through Intimate Found Photos

The Second World War saw the introduction of rationing, resulting in innovative fashion as clothing had to be recycled and renovated. Materials such as silk, nylon, wool, leather, rubber, and zippers were needed in wartime production.

Clothing was rationed in the United States and parts of Europe. 1940s fashion designers had to be efficient and innovative in how they made suits, dresses, and shoes.

Men’s fashion stopped progressing until after the war – a reflection that most men were serving in uniforms instead of enjoying life at home. A woman’s duty was to take care of the homefront, both at her household and in jobs previously held by men. The clothing reflected this practical and conservative time where materials were limited, even after the war ended in 1945.

It took until the end of the decade for women to adopt Dior’s New Look that returned women to an ultra feminine silhouette, and for men to adopt a relaxed fit in their clothing.

Take a look at these found photos from anyjazz65 to see what street fashion in the 1940s looked like.


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