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March 16, 2021

The Classic Ivy League Haircuts

The classic Ivy League haircuts are forever popular hairstyles for men. That comes as no surprise since these college-inspired men’s hairstyles bring that magnificent retro vibe we love and miss so much.

Ivy League cut is also known as a Princeton haircut or a Harvard clip. However, it’s also often referred to as John F Kennedy haircut, James Bond haircut, and even navy seal haircut. How come, such different images are associated with the same men hairstyle?

Probably, the answer is that this traditional haircut is also a very versatile haircut. And as everyone knows, classics and versatility never fail.

How to ask for an ivy league haircut? How to choose the best one? Find the answers below:

What Is The Ivy League Haircut?

...or what does a Princeton haircut look like?

This classic haircut actually is a perfect blend of a crew cut and a side part. Ivy League haircut styles for men feature short trim on the sides, back, and top of the head, while the front hair is long enough to be styled in lots of different ways.

This long front section allows for the creation of both sophisticated and casual men’s hairstyles (a combover, a side part, a pomp, a spiky shape up, and even more.) This makes the Ivy League style one of the best hairstyles for men throughout the decades.

How Long is an Ivy League Haircut?

Ivy League hair usually varies between 1-inch haircuts and 2-inch haircuts, while the length in front should be a bit longer to allow for side-swept or combed over styles. 1.5 haircut and 3 inches on the fringe are the most popular Ivy League haircut lengths.

Ivy League Haircut vs Crew Cut

Since these men haircut styles are very similar, and the Ivy League hair cut is actually a type of crew cut, it’s rather easy to mix them up.

So, here are the main distinctions of the ivy league vs crew cut:
The Ivy haircut has longer hair in the front so that the bangs can be swept to the side. In other words, Ivy League hairstyles for guys offer more variants of your look transformations.

How Do I Ask for an Ivy League Haircut?

What to tell your barber and how to ask for a haircut of your dreams?

Here’s how you can effectively explain your request:
Tell them you want a longer crew cut with an undercut or fade on the sides (decide if you want a low, mid, high, or tapered fade.)

Tell them you want 1.5 haircut on top of your head and a little longer in the front.
Just show them one of the pictures from this gallery to make sure they understand you right.

How to Cut Ivy League Haircut

If you know how to do a crew cut, you won’t have any troubles with the Princeton haircut either.
For the sides and back, choose the length which suits your face shape (usually, it’s 1-2 inches). 

Classy ivy league fade is tapered, however, you can also go for more up-to-date razor fade options. For the front section choose the clipper setting 4 or above. Make sure that the whole style looks seamless.

How To Style the Ivy League Haircut?

Ivy League look can vary a lot depending on how you style the front part of the hair. Since it’s rather short, you won’t need much product for styling - just use a bit of casual styling wax. You can also do without it: style your hair with fingers or a comb to achieve your desired look.
Mens ivy league haircut can be styled as a side part, a comb over, a slick back, a pompadour, a messy undercut.

Who Is The Ivy League Haircut Best For?

Ivy League crewcut gives the face definition and works best with a prominent jawline and strong cheekbones. This men's haircut visually lengthens the face, making round and square face shapes more balanced.

Classic Ivy League Haircuts


An Ivy League man haircut with a fade is a stylish way to keep up with the retro vibe while adding a modern twist. 

The mid fade, borrowed from modern hairstyles for men, is an excellent way to build a catchy contrast. Don’t just sweep the front hair to the side, but also push it up for a neat and tidy mens trendy haircut.

Tapered Ivy League haircut


Tapered sides make the most traditional Ivy League men's hair cuts. Basic but still so sophisticated, a taper comb over with a distinctive side part will suit any outfit and occasion.

Ivy League Crew Cut


No need to compare and contrast the crew cut vs Ivy League - in this trendy teenage boy haircut they both work great together. Despite it’s well-groomed and polished in the photo, this very style can turn into a low-maintenance teenage guy haircut for everyday wear.

Harvard Haircut + Side Part


Today, a side part Ivy League young man haircut often goes with a hard part for a more prominent line in the hair on top and a more edgy look. To get an outstanding parting as this one, you’ll need to slightly moisten the hair and brush it back before making a clean hard side part with a comb

Ivy League Haircut for Receding Hairline


Receding hairline is never a problem - show it off with an Ivy League haircut receding hairline instead of trying to hide it. This textured quiff on top in combination with the clean and short sides and back will make a fuller look of the hair for men.

Tapered Crew Cut


The tapered crew cut aka feature Ryan Gosling Ivy League haircut is the iconic image that works great with a beard. This Ivy clipper is a good crew cut receding hairline solution as well.

Short Ivy League Haircut

This sportsman haircut is a very classic way of wearing men's Ivy League haircut. You can add numerous modern spins (and those tattoos are one of them,) but to keep the timeless look of men crew cuts, the short version is your best choice.

Asian Ivy League Haircut


Why choose Ivy League haircut Asian? Because most Asian men have thick straight hair, which allows for countless hair experiments. Crew cut Asian with long preppy hair is so popular not only with college students.

Small tip: don’t overdo with hair products if your hair is thick, otherwise, you’ll get a greaser instead of the iconic Princeton guy haircut. 

Smooth Comb Over with Part & Bald Fade


Subtle Hard Part is well-balanced in this side-swept haircut with longer hair on top styled like a quiff and a magnificent bald fade on the sides. Look sharp and stylish, and wear any outfit you like - that’s why similar cuts are widely-spread as teen boys’ haircut styles.

Short and Side Swept Hairstyle


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: short Ivy League hairstyles are the most popular men’s haircuts of all times: versatile, low maintenance, and classic.

Side Swept Crew Cut


You don’t always need a clear side part men’s haircut with a shaved-in hard part. For a change, try a more relaxed style like this one. Consider it as a great option of a teenage short haircut too.

Princeton Fade


This is the haircut men love for being both up-to-date and old-fashioned at the same time. And this photo demonstrates how important it is to keep the fade neat and clean, as the look of the whole style changes dramatically.

Ivy League Haircut with Beard


This picture breaks the stereotype that the Ivy League haircut is a teen boy haircut only. It does work great as a variation of teenage haircut styles for sure, however, it goes much furtherer than the limits of college teen haircut fashion. With a massive unruly beard, this hairstyle completely changes its original classy spirit.

Modern Ivy League Haircut


In modern Ivy League hairstyles, men use the main elements of a classic cut, mixing them with different fashion fads of today. 

Thus, in this hot clean-cut look, the traditional crew cut with a side part is spiced up with color highlight and a dramatic skin fade.

Ivy League Haircut with Side Part


Haircut clipper numbers are not the only thing you can experiment with in Ivy League male hair cuts. Another way to personalize this hairstyle is to play with the side part: you can choose among soft parts, defined parts, and hard parts. 

A shaved-in part like this one creates a rather disconnected vibe, while this whole haircut for young men looks so juicy thanks to this small detail.

Modern Princeton Haircut


Here is another idea of how to add the modern mood to good old male hair styles.

Long Ivy League Haircut


Long Ivy League haircut styles for boys are not usually as long as most trendy undercuts are. But anyway, the longer the crown of your college cut is, the more styling options you have. Don’t forget to keep the cut fresh, even though it’s not a short trim.

Medium Length Ivy League Haircut


Medium length Ivy League men’s haircut styles require at least 1-1.5 inches of hair at the front and in the middle of the head. With this length, you easily sweep your fringe up and to the side to accentuates your facial features. 

Curly Ivy League Hairstyle & Scruff


With an Ivy League hairstyle, men can show off their natural curls in a flattering way. Traditional tapered sides and longer hair on top look completely different when the hair is naturally textured and unruly.

Classic Ivy League Haircut


A traditional Ivy League haircut is synonymous with style, so just go for it.

Ivy League Haircut with Hard Part


Ivy League and a hard part is the combination young guys enjoy a lot these days. It’s versatile, pretty basic, and works great with different face shapes.

Short Pomp


Despite a pompadour is a hairstyle from another era, it can also blend with the Ivy League crew cut in the 21st century. Feel like you need a change? Go for it!
Ivy League hairstyle has done a long way throughout the decades and still shines and even stands out among numerous modern trends. Doesn’t it prove that this style is timeless and iconic? 

Classics never fade - all we need is to find the right way to incorporate and adjust it in the context of today’s fashion.



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