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March 27, 2021

Intimate Photos of Marilyn Monroe During a Lesson With Her Acting Teacher Natasha Lytess in 1948

Born 1911 as Natalia Postmann in Berlin, German actress, writer and drama coach Natasha Lytess moved to the United States and settled down in Los Angeles. She had hoped for a great stage career, but her accent and her unfeminine appearance limited the roles she could play.

Lytess is known best for her partnership with actress Marilyn Monroe from 1948 to 1956. During her time as a drama coach for Columbia Pictures, Lytess was shown Monroe’s screen test and convinced the head of Columbia Pictures to hire Monroe for a six-month contract.

Lytess coached Marilyn through more than 20 films before their partnership began to deteriorate. She is rumored to have had more than professional feelings towards Monroe which developed, according to Monroe and other actresses that studied under Lytess, into an overbearing obsession.

In 1956, Monroe sent Lytess a telegram saying that she didn’t need Natasha’s services anymore, and the partnership ended a full seven years after it started.

These intimate photos captured moments of Marilyn Monroe during a lesson with her acting teacher Natasha Lytess in Hollywood in November 1948. 


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