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March 27, 2021

Two Fabulous Shots of Diana Ross Taken by Steve Schapiro During the Filming of ‘Mahogany’ (1975)

Diana Ross photographed by Steve Schapiro during the filming of Mahogany, a film in which the singer took on the fashion world – and even designed some of the clothes.

The 1975 movie Mahogany may not be remembered entirely well by history – “a big, lush, messy soap opera,” said critic Roger Ebert in his two star review of the time. But, in lieu of a cohesive plot, rounded characterisation, believable dialogue (etc.) you have Diana Ross, and her wardrobe – both of which are, unsurprisingly, fabulous.

The film stars Diana Ross as Tracy Chambers, a struggling fashion design student who rises to become a popular fashion designer in Rome. Fresh from the success of Lady Sings the Blues, this film served as Ross’ follow-up feature film.


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