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December 29, 2020

The Bloor Viaduct During Construction Through Amazing Photos

The Prince Edward Viaduct System, commonly referred to as the Bloor Viaduct, is the name of a truss arch bridge system in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, connecting Bloor Street East, on the west side of the system, with Danforth Avenue on the east.

The Bloor Viaduct during construction

The system includes the Rosedale Valley phase (a smaller structure, referred to as the Rosedale Valley Bridge, carrying Bloor Street over the Rosedale Ravine) and the Sherbourne Phase, an embankment built to extend Bloor Street East to the Rosedale Ravine from Sherbourne Street. The Don Valley phase of the system, the most recognizable, spans the Don River Valley, crossing over (from west to east) the Bayview Avenue Extension, the Don River, and the Don Valley Parkway.

The roadway has five lanes (three eastbound and two westbound) with a bicycle lane in each direction. The subway level connects Broadview Station in the east with Castle Frank and Sherbourne Stations to the west.

This selection of pictures, taken during the construction of the Bloor Street East viaduct (1915-1917), comprises some of the images in the Canadian Historical Picture Collection, housed in the Special Collections department at Toronto Reference Library.

Pier D. Training... First Construction...

Break in Sheeting. East End N2. Pier D

Don in Flood

Don Sec. East Approach

Don Sec. Pier B. Forms

Don Sec. Pier D. Concrete in Bottom

Don Sec. Pier E

Don Sec. Pier F. Forms

Don Sec. Pier F. Looking East

Don Sec. Pier F

Don Sec. Retaining Wall West Approach S. Side

Don Sec. Temporary Bridge over Don

Don Sec. West Approach Looking East

Don Sec. West Approach South Side

Don Sec. West Approach

Drumbsnab Cable Tower

East Cable Anchor

Main Cable Tower at Pier C

New Storage Near Pier D

Pier C. Fence & Road

Pier C. N1-N2. Don. Sec.

Pier D. Cave in N.S. N2

Pier D. South Bank S2

Pier E. Don Sec.

Pier F. Don Sec.

Progress Pier D

Progress Pier D

Progress Pier D

Progress Pier D

Progress Pier D

Starting work on Pier C

Steel Piling

West from C.P.R.

West from Tower

Don Sec. East Approach Top of Hill

Don Sec. Piers A & B

Don Sec. Piers B & C. Looking West

Don Sec. West Approach Looking East

Don Sec. Arch From D to E

Don Sec. Arch. From A to B

Don Sec. East Approach

Don Sec. Oxy. Acetyline, Cutting Shoes

Don Sec. Panorama S. Side

Don Sec. Pier G

Apron Wall Forms

Bloor Street Viaduct

Central Deck Froms

Deck Forms

Deck Looking West

General View of 281' Span

Panorama Looking South

Upper Deck Looking East

Bloor Street Viaduct, Panorama

Bloor Street Viaduct, Panorama

Bloor Street Viaduct Clearing

Bloor Street Viaduct Finish, Panorama


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