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November 3, 2020

Vibrant Vintage Photos of Mexico in 1968

In advance of the Summer Olympic Games which would take place in Mexico City, making it the first Games to be staged in Latin America and hosted by a developing country, LIFE photographer John Dominis came and offered an intimate look at the people, their life and their rich culture. Take a look at the country through 18 vibrant photographs taken by Dominis during his stay below:
Men wearing masks performing.
School children playing on Olympic logo Mexico 68.
16-year-old Olympic Stadium being refurbished including a colored apron which directs crowds to the entrances.
A child carrying bouquet on her way to the fiesta.
Park dancers in flurry of action.
A park dancer clapping to the rhythm.
Vendor selling pinwheels at La Merced market.
Young girl with flowers in her hair.
15-feet plastic fencer in en garde position erected in the stands at Aztec Stadium for Olympic Games.
Couples in Chapultepec Park.
Chamula women participating in cambio de mayordomo.
Line of people under building facade.
Structures rising high above Satellite City.
Olympic posters decorating a wall.
Mother nursing child while burning incense.
Mariachi singers strumming on ukuleles.
A lily seller.
Man selling balloons.


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