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October 8, 2020

Fascinating Vintage Photos of People With Their Scooters in the 1940s

Take a look through 17 vintage photographs capture people with their scooters during the ‘40s:

A woman doing stunts. (Wallace Kirkland)

Messengers outside a Western Union telegraph office. (American Stock)

An accident during a scooter polo match. (Keystone)

People riding their scooters. (Wallace Kirkland)

A group of friends on a scooter. (Wallace Kirkland)
A couple on a scooter. (Wallace Kirkland)

A clown in a police officer's uniform. (Weegee)

An airport messenger delivers a package to a stewardess. (Hulton)

A man sitting on a three-wheeled 'Motorette' scooter. (FPG)

A couple ride a Vespa. (Ivan Dmitri)

Two men talking. (Dmitri Kessel)

A mother and her baby on a Vespa. (Dmitri Kessel)

A man and a woman on a Vespa. (Dmitri Kessel)

Little Ape delivery scooter. (Dmitri Kessel)

A man riding a Brockhouse Corgi moped at Ascot racecourse. (Barratts)

Vespa Scooter race from Rome. (Keystone)

A bus driver leans out of his cab to shake hands with Father Christmas passing by on his scooter. (Reg Speller)


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