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September 23, 2020

This 1966 Batman Water Gun Is Just Plain Wrong!

Seriously, we know the 1960s were a crazy time, and 1966 was the year of the Batman. First up was the television show that took the country by storm. Not just kids, but whole families, sat around their TV screens and rooted for the dynamic duo, Batman and Robin, to escape from a fiendish trap and defeat that week’s villain. And because of this, there soon were tons of Batman merchandise available to purchase. And one of these items was the 1966 Batman Water Gun.

Made to look like Batman bending over as you squeeze his genitals to get water to spray out of his mouth. Best of all is this creepy water gun’s fill-up location, as it’s located on the ass of Batman. To fill up the gun with water, simply open up Batman’s bum and give him a nice enema that he won’t soon forget.

This water gun was made in Hong Kong, it was actually a Japanese distributed toy. Of course this was all made possible by the owners of the Batman copyright, DC Comics, as they are now know. DC published a monthly Batman comic book, as well as, Detective Comics, a monthly comic which also featured Batman. Plus, Batman also appeared in Worlds Finest with Superman and even Brave and the Bold. And lets not forget his sorta regular appearance in the Justice League of America comic too!

(via Odditymall)




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