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September 23, 2020

Anita Ekberg Facing Paparazzi With Bow and Arrows at Her Home in Rome on October 20, 1960

Anita Ekberg shot arrows at paparazzi who followed her home late at night on October 19, 1960 from a round of nightclubs.

The blonde Swedish actress was squired on a tour of night spots by Guido Giambartolomeo, Italian producer of a film in which Ekberg used a bow and arrow. They were followed from cub to club by four of the photographers who snap pictures of celebrities on Rome’s Via Veneto. The photographers followed the couple to Ekberg’s villa.

“We look pictures of them going in the house” said photographer Felice Quinto. “We were getting on our motorbikes to leave when Anita came running out with a bow and arrow in her hand.”

It was a chilly night. The actress wore a clinging black dress and had kicked off her shoes. Quinto said she shouted: “Give me those pictures.!” Then let fly with the arrows. One hit the photographer on the left forearm and two struck another photographer in the back.




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