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July 24, 2020

Stunning Vintage Photos Captured Inside the Cincinnati Old Main Library, One of the Most Beautiful Libraries in America

The “Old Main” library was once one of Cincinnati’s most stunning buildings and one of the country’s most beautiful public libraries. Now it’s a parking garage. The building, which was located in Downtown Cincinnati at 629 Vine St., just a few blocks from the current Main Library, was demolished in 1955. These photos remain, giving us a haunting glimpse into the past.


  1. books lead to science, and smart people and enlightenment. i hate books; HMS should burn down libraries so we'll vote for a deranged murder in clown paint.

    them's my thoughts on libraries. signed, the base

  2. P.S.: Yeah! Screw book-learnin', but keep them big-screen TVs, diabetes medications and cell phones comin'! I'm not sure where those things come from but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with storks or Jesus dropping them down the chimney.

    - The Base




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