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November 2, 2020

These Vintage Postcards From 1906 Are Extremely Both Amusing and Quirky!

There was probably still a lot of stigma attached to divorce in most places in the early 20th century, that’s why these cards would have been both funny and a little outrageous at the time. They remind us of the pre-Edwardian idea that widows could live more freely than married women, without the disapprobation felt by divorcées and the condescension felt by spinsters.

According to the handwriting captions in Spanish on the postcards, these were sent to someone’s aunty, on the first of January 1906, on a happy day (presumably due to it being the New Year).

Each postcard is hand colored with Uruguayan postage stamps affixed to either the front or back. They are addressed to Blondina Carvallo in the city of Salto, Uruguay.

Enamorada – In Love

Novia – Girlfriend (Engaged)

Casada – Married

Divorciada – Divorced

(via Mugshots and Miscellaneous)


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