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May 14, 2020

26 Amazing Photos of Motor Vehicle Designs in the Early 1900s

A set of amazing photos from The Motor Book by R. J. Mecredy in 1904 that shows some of motor vehicle designs in the early 1900s.

Ormonde Tandem Bicycle

Ormonde Bicycle With Fore Carriage

Car of the Road Carrying Company With Two and Half Tons of Coal

Car of the Speedwell Motor Company

Daimler Tonneau 1902

De Dion Bouton 6HP 1903 Model Voiturette Victoria Carriage Body With Spider Seat

De Dion Bouton 6HP Car With French Built Victoria Carriage Body

De Dion Bouton 8HP 1903 Model Light Car

De Dion Bouton 8hp Car With Tonneau Carriage Body With Detachable Cab Top

De Dion Bouton 8HP Car

De Dion Bouton New Model 6HP Car

Ivel Motor Hauling a Mowing Machine

Ivel Motor Working a Reaper and Binder

Kings 22HP Daimler Car

Kings New Loaders Daimler Car

Lord Hillingdons PTL Serpollet Phaeton

Mr J B Dunlops 10HP Argyle Car

Mr S. F. Edge and His 16HP Napier Car

The 10HP Standard Decauville Car With Tonneau Baignoire

The 10HP Standard Decauville Car, Ordinary Flatform Pattern

Thorneycroft Light Omnibus For Fourteen People

Thorneycroft Municiple Watering Van of 800 Gallons

Thorneycroft Three and One Half Ton Covered Van

Werner Bicycle

Wolseley 20HP Eight Seated Shooting Break

Wolseley 30HP Motor With Four Seated Tonneau


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