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May 14, 2020

Fascinating Vintage Photos of Walt Disney in the 1940s

Take a look back at the entertainment legend and master of animation magic during the 1940s:

Discussing their work on Disney's latest extravaganza, 'Fantasia,' with Deems Taylor and Leopold Stokowski, 1940. (Bettmann)

Playing with his daughter and dog in the garden, Los Angeles, California, 1940s. (Earl Theisen)

On Copacabana Beach, an 8mm movie camera in hand, Rio de Janeiro, 1941. (Hart Preston)

On Copacabana Beach, looking through an 8mm movie camera, Rio de Janeiro, 1941. (Hart Preston)

Riding a two-person bicycle with wife Lillian Disney, Rio de Janeiro, 1941. (Hart Preston)
Dancing with a woman, Rio de Janeiro, 1941. (Hart Preston)

On a boat trip with a group of his employees, Brazil, 1941. (Hart Preston)

1941. (NBCUniversal)

At the 14th Academy Awards at Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles, 1942. (CBS)

Discussing model plane in front of sketches for WWII naval flight training film with Lt. J.C. Hutchison, 1942. (Mark Kauffman)

With painter Edith Moore, Burbank, California, 1943.

In his office, Los Angeles, 1944. (Jerry Cooke)

1944. (Bettmann)

Posing for a portrait next to a Donald Duck storyboard, Los Angeles, 1945. (Earl Theisen)

Lighting a cigarette while seating next to a storyboard for the commissioned animated short 'Hookworm,' Los Angeles, 1945. (Earl Theisen)

Umpiring a company softball game, Los Angeles, 1945. (Earl Theisen)

The voice of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck (Clarence Nash), 1945.

with Eddy Nelson, who scrutinises a music score for the Disney film 'Make Mine Music,' 1946. (Hulton Archive)

Drawing a few sketches for two kids while waiting to testify before the HUAC, Washington, D.C., 1947. (Bettmann)

Holding his famous creation, Mickey Mouse, in his office, 1949. (Hulton-Deutsch)

In his Hollywood office with an Oscar, 1949. (Popperfoto)

Introducing his two new canine characters in the latest film 'The Lady and The Tramp,' 1949. (Keystone)


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