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April 9, 2020

Intimate Vintage Photos Capture Romantic Couples in the 1950s

A series of candid vintage photographs capture the intimacy between lovers during the 1950s:

England, 1950s. (Jean-Philippe Charbonnier)

Florence, 1950s. (Vincenzo Balocchi)


1950s. (Angelo Cozzi)

Italy, 1950s. (Vincenzo Balocchi)
Venice, 1950s.

Bavaria, 1950s. (Oskar Poss)

1950s. (Weegee)

Milan, 1950s. (Mario de Biasi)

Paris, 1950. (Charles Hewitt)

Birmingham, 1950. (Bert Hardy)

Paris, 1951. (Bert Hardy)

1951. (Erich Auerbach)

Paris, 1954. (Fred Van Schagen)

1954. (Bert Hardy)

England, 1954. (Thurston Hopkins)

Germany, 1955.

Brussels, 1955. (Harry Kerr)

Sardinia, 1955. (Édouard Boubat)

Rome, 1955.

New York City, 1955. (Erika Stone)

1956. (Erich Auerbach)

England, 1956. (Bert Hardy)

London, 1957.

Paris, 1958.

1958. (Edward Miller)

Tokyo, 1958. (John Dominis)

Isle of Jersey, 1958.

Paris, 1958.

1959. (Jean-Louis Swiners)

Brooklyn, 1959. (Bruce Davidson)

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