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April 27, 2020

33 Powerful Photos Document Poor Housing Conditions and the Lives of People Living in Slums in Glasgow in the Early 1970s

In 1968, Shelter employed photographer Nick Hedges to document the oppressive and abject living conditions being experienced in poor quality housing in the UK over a period of three years. Shelter commissioned the work in an effort to raise consciousness about the extent of unfit living conditions and to illustrate, in human terms, what the real cost of bad housing was.

“The thing about people living in slum housing is that there is no drama... it’s about the absolute wearing down of people’s morale in a quiet and undemonstrative way.” – Nick Hedges

Hedges took photos in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, Newcastle, Glasgow and other locations. These amazing photographs were taken by Nick Hedges from his time in Scotland.

(Photos © Nick Hedges / Shelter)


  1. Absolutely heartbreaking!

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    1. man, FUCK you. have some humanity you old shitbag.



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