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April 10, 2020

45 Cool Pics Capture ’50s Ladies in Cocktail Party Dresses

The 1950s cocktail dresses were women’s special event dresses appropriate for dinners, parties, and romantic dates!

Like most ’50s dresses these came down to below the knee and were made of finer rayons, satins, silks, lace, damask and high-end cottons. They were usually solid colors in vibrant colors like emerald green, Safire blue and deep red. Black and deep navy blue were also common choices.

The 1950s cocktail party dress decoration could either be very minimal with a little glass beading around the neckline or fully covered in sequins. The beauty in most ’50s cocktail dresses was in the design of the pleating, ruching, folds, and gathers.

These cool pics that captured beautiful ladies in their cocktail party dresses in the 1950s.

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