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March 6, 2020

A Trip to Mexico of an American Family in 1958 Through Amazing Pics

A set of amazing pics from Leon Reed was captured by his father Walter Reed that shows the 1958 trip to Mexico of his family by their trailer.
“Photos of the 1958 trip to Mexico. We drove in via Nuevo Laredo, drove down to (and beyond) Mexico City (including Taxco, Cuernevaca, Teotihuacan, Morelia, etc.), and returned back via Nuevo Laredo. We were in Mexico for nearly a month. 
We traveled everywhere you could go by trailer in the years between 1950-1964, and Mexico was by far the most spectacular trip in every sense of the word: most fabulous sights (both natural wonders and manmade/historic stuff), most "different" place, etc. 
 My only regret is that we didn't get far enough south or east to see any Maya sites -- a shortcoming I need to fix in the next couple years.”
Mexican roadside scene

Arch, Leon (Lion) on Christmas Day in Mexico

Burro caravan alongside road

Cuernavaca cathedral

Cuernavaca street market

Cuernavaca. Burros loaded with firewood

Cuernavaca. Door and wall of Chapel of Third Order

Cuernavaca. View of a street from balcony of Cortes Palace

Cutting maguey in Mexico

Guanajuato. Narrow street and stairs

Mexican girls herding sheep

Mexican village and banana peddler

Mexico City. Basilica of Guadalupe

Mexico City. Huts and apartment building

Mexico City. Metropolitan Cathedral, Zocalo

Mexico City. Monument to the Revolution

Mexico City. National Palace, Zocalo

Mexico City. Old Basilica of Guadalupe

Mexico City. Pilgrims approaching the Shrine of Guadalupe

Mexico City. Taxis and department store, Zocalo

Mexico City. Teatro de los Insurgentes - Diego Rivera mosaic

Mexico City. UNAM library

Northern Mexican countryside and Joshua tree

Northern Mexico. Women doing laundry in a stream

Pots and kiln in Mexico

Puebla. Christmas parade

Puebla. Tile-fronted buildings and church

Queretaro market scene

Queretaro side street

Queretaro street market

Queretaro. “Alimentos Purina”

Queretaro. Aqueduct

Queretaro. Christmas floats

Queretaro. Christmas parade

Queretaro. Church of Santa Cruz, Plaza of Obregon

Queretaro. Mexican women selling corn and other vegetables

Queretaro. Pots in market

Queretaro. Stands and vendors at market

Queretaro. Waiting for the bus in front of Sears

Saltillo street scenes

Saltillo. Candy vendor during Festival of Guadalupe

Saltillo. Dancers, vendors, and crowd at Festival of Guadalupe

Saltillo. Mexican children with hula hoops

Saltillo. Mexican men on sidewalk

Saltillo. Outskirts of Saltillo

Saltillo. Woman cooking tortillas at Fiesta of Guadalupe

Santiago. Street scene on Christmas Day

Smiling Mexican children

Taxco market scenes

Taxco tile roofs

Taxco. Christmas decorations

Taxco. Santa Prisca church

Taxco. Silversmiths

Taxco. Steep cobblestoned street

Taxco. Water carrier

Teotihuacan entrance

Teotihuacan. Backyard of village

Teotihuacan. Pyramid of the Sun

Tepexpan. Country church

Toluca street scenes

Toluca. Bus with helper on top

Toluca. Capitol Square

Toluca. Fruit market

Toluca. Market and shoppers

Toluca. Selling fruit on the street

Xochimilco cathedral

Xochimilco floating gardens

Xochimilco. Boatmen playing dominos

Xochimilco. Canal (chinampa) in Xochimilco gardens

Map of our 1958 trip to Mexico

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