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February 16, 2020

Space Age Slenderizer: Funny Vintage Adverts of Trim-Jeans in the 1970s

Our desire to lose weight easily and achieve that ‘ideal’ figure has been around for longer than most of us have and has led to numerous great ideas and not a few slightly mad ones to help us achieve our aims with little or no effort. Whether it be special diets or tailored fitness regimes there is always a ‘guaranteed’ easy way to lose that weight or make a few inches disappear and there will always be a few mugs amongst us who fall for the marketing hype.

Here we look at a product from the early 1970s that is ‘guaranteed’ to help you become more slender. The Trim-Jeans were neither jeans and would not make you trim either. But from what we can gather Trim-Jeans worked on the principle of squashing your flesh so that when you removed them and you measured yourself you would temporarily have reduced the size of your hips, thighs or waist. A bit like the indentation you get from the tops of your socks when you take them off after a hard day’s work.

In addition, as they were made from what looks like inflatable plastic, they would make you sweat like a racehorse but only in the area where the Trim-Jeans were worn. So a real double whammy there then – temporarily squash your fleshy bits and make you all sweaty at the same time. Oh, and they look really odd too – like wearing a giant space-age adult shiny plastic nappy. You wouldn’t want to answer the door wearing a pair of these now would you? We don’t quite know why they never really caught on to be honest and if anyone out there is looking for a great business idea then these must be due a revival.

(via The Voices of East Anglia)


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