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February 16, 2020

Real People With Real Problems – A Different Kind of LP Album Covers

These LPs are all from people who are handicapped, in one way or another. All are from between the 1960s and ’70s, and all are on private labels.

The prevailing maladies seem to be either blindness, dwarfism or lack of limbs. And almost all are about their relationship with Jesus. Most appear relatively happy and excited to be singing for the lord. This isn’t meant to make fun of the handicapped but to show how amazing it was a few years back when anyone could make their own album, individuals, churches, etc.

Is their a corresponding market today? There doesn’t seem to be many CDs that come close to “No Crippled Girls in Heaven” or “Little Richard Miller – Born Without Arms or Legs – Jesus Use Me”.


  1. Maddy Genets: all appear to be physically normal.

  2. "No Crippled Girls In Heaven" - Jesus...

  3. Viewing these does assist with reminding me to be very grateful for not having the physical infirmities other folks are subjected to.



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