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February 7, 2020

50 Vintage Child's Valentine Cards Made in USA From Between the 1930s and 1950s

Valentine's Day is coming! A hilarious and lovely collection of vintage child's Valentine cards from Joe Haupt that was made in the US from between the 1930s and 1950s to celebrate this day.

I Love You Mower And Mower

Ahoy My Valentine!

All Keyed-Up To Pitch-In

Can't You Sea, I Shore Want To Be Yours!

Come Out Of Your Shell

Could You Fall For A Valentine Like Me

Do You Like Valentines? Soda I!

Don't Hide, You're The One I'm Seeking

For Scotch Kisses Only

Hi Valentine! I'm Getting Set For A NON-STOP FLIGHT To YOUR HEART

I Love You Valentine

I Never Saw Such A Nice Valentine As You Wood Be!

I Pine Fir You Valentine

I Sure Can Deliver The Goods Valentine!

I'd Like To Steal Your Heart

I'll Lock You Safe Within My Heart

I'm A Gay Senorita, Please Make My Heart Completa

I'm All A-Quiver Over You!

I'm In The Market For Your Heart!

I'm Waiting On You

I've Bun Thinkin' How I Knead You

If I Brush Up On My Love, Will You Be My Valentine

If I Don't Fall -- I'll Fall For You

Just Can't Erase You From My Mind, Valentine!

Just Cuckoo-Cuckoo Over You!

Just Spinning A Little Yarn Valentine, I'd Like To Warm Up To You!

My Heart's An Open Book

My Valentine I Could Grow To Like You Very Much!

My Valentine, Let's Be Birds Of A Feather And Flock Together

O.K. That's You And A K.O. Too!

Privately Speaking - I Like You In A Major Way

Rain Or Shine, You're My Valentine

Sit Tight! You're My Valentine

Sure I'll Be Your Valentine!

Sure It's Scare

Take Me With You On Your Yacht Because I Love You An Awful Lot

To Make A Long Story Short, I'm Your Valentine

To My Valentine, I'm Sitting On Top Of The World

Valentine Greetings

Valentine I A-Door You

Valentine, I Could Train You To Like Me, You Got A Pull With Me!

We Could Go Places If You Were My Valentine

We'll Just Sail Along If You Will Be My Valentine

With Me You're Going Over Fine

Won't You Let Me Pilot You To Happiness, My Valentine

You Keep My Heart In A Free Fall, Dear, On Valentine's Day!

You'll Be My Valentine Sooner Or Later So How About It Alligator

You're My Honey-Lamb

You're So Tweet, Valentine!

You've Got Me Slippin' Valentine!


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