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December 19, 2019

30 Color Photographs of a Very Young Keith Richards in the 1960s

The legendary hero of rock ‘n’ roll and one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Keith Richards has always dared to speak his mind and walk his own path. Guitarist, songwriter, singer, record producer and founding member of The Rolling Stones, Richards has written some of the greatest hit rock songs of all time.

He is considered to be the pioneer of innovative state-of-the-art rhythm and this multi-talented musician also plays the bass and the keyboard. He remains one of the most internationally recognized and iconic figures of rock music and has influenced numerous young musicians.

Keith Richards in the 1960s and ’70s was one those who represented what it meant to be a stylish Rockstar. From skinny jeans and plain t-shirts, to scarfs, velvet pants, tunic shirts, aviator sunglasses, military and Python jackets, necklaces, skull rings, and hats; Keith Richards proved that different styles and trends can be mixed up with very good results.


  1. He was actually good looking back then. What the hell happened?????

    1. A better question would be to ask what *didn't* happen? Seems to me after almost 80 years that the condition of the road would play a more important role in the condition of the car than the length of the journey. He has travelled an awfully unorthodoxically maintained road.

  2. Not sure why he was choking that small bald rat???




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