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December 19, 2019

30 Amazing Pics Show the Early Days of Photography in the Mid-19th Century

Most of the earliest photographs were not printed on paper, but on sheets of metal or glass. These photographs capture extraordinary details, and give us a glimpse of life in the 19th century.

Photography in the 1840s and 1850s

There are many examples of photographic portraits that give an incredibly detailed view of fashion, personal adornment, and interior design. While the images themselves are beautiful, the photographic processes used to create the images are equally fascinating.

Here below is an amazing photo collection that shows the early days of photography in the 1840s and 1850s.

The leaves, 1840

By William Henry Fox Talbot, 1842

By Carl Gustav Oehme, 1845

By Robert Hunt, 1845

By Calvert Richard Jones, 1846

By Humbert de Molard, 1847

Louis Dodier, prisoner, 1847

Blacksmiths, 1850

By Baron Louis Adolphe Humbert, 1850

By Louis Robert, 1850

Drinking and smoking, 1850

In mourning, 1850

By Félix Teynard, 1851

By Charles Nègre, 1852

By Henri Jean-Louis Le Secq, 1852

By Henri Jean-Louis Le Secq, 1852

By John McCosh, 1852

By Auguste Salzmann, 1854

By Robert Henry Cheney, 1854

By Arthur Backhouse, 1855

By Camille Silvy, 1855

By Giacomo Caneva, 1855

Man with horse, 1855

Men at the dam, 1855

Waterfall, 1855

By Henry White, 1856

Paris floods, 1856

By Édouard-Denis Baldus, 1857

By Roger Fenton, 1858

By Charles Piazzi Smyth, 1859

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  1. Technically, the 1840 pic of the leaves is not a photograph. It is a calotype, which is comparable more to a Xerox than a photo. No camera was involved, the leaves were simply laid directly on to photographic paper and exposed to the sun. The paper was then given a bath in gallic acid to bring the image out, and then regular water to fix the image. That was the whole process. No camera, no lenses, no dark room, which is why direct contact imaging is technically considered print-making rather than actual photography.




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