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November 6, 2019

44 Rare Found Photos Capture Everyday Life of India Around 1900

A set of rare lantern slides was found by Photos of the Past that shows everyday life of India around 1900.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway at Sonada station, West Bengal, India

Ahmedabad Mela, India

Bathers, India

Bathers, India

Bhil Mission, India

Bhil Postman, India

Bhils, India

Bombay GIP Railway Station (Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai)

Bombay, India

Bullock Cart, India

Busy street scene, India

Canadian Lady Doctor and Helper, India

Christian Family, India

Christian Family, India

Christian Girls, India

Daniel, India

Flooding, India

Hari Dasu, India

Horses, Rajasthan, India

Indian Drink Shop, Kurseong

Indian Family Group

Kanchipuram Temple, India

Madras, India

Mecca (Makai) Gate in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India

Medical Operation, India

Mission Church, India

Musicians Preachers, India

Open Air Preaching - School, India

Parbutti, Poona, India (Parvati Hill, mula-mutha river, Pune - Maharashtra, Pune, India)

Parsee Woman and Son, India

People Gathering, India

Preaching to Children, India

Preparing for Sacrifice, India

Priests in Benares, India

Sacred Bull, India

Somewhere in India, probably near Kurseong, West Bengal

Tea Plantation, India

Temple, Southern India

Tomb, Khuldabad, near Ellora, India

Tomb, Khuldabad, near Ellora, India

Water Mill, India

White Children, India Carers

Woman Carrying Baby, India, probably near Kurseong, West Bengal

Yogi Holy Man, India


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