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September 28, 2019

Twiggy’s DO’s and DON’Ts List for Girls From the 1960s

Twiggy was the face of London’s Swinging Sixties mod scene and later became one of the most iconic models worldwide.

In 1967, Twiggy published her own magazine in the US called Twiggy: Her Mod Mod Teen World. The magazine was published by Beauty Secrets, Inc and featured an article of everyday advice directed towards young women.

And here are Twiggy’s do’s and don’ts as a lady, even though they are from the 1960s, they seem pretty timeless!

1. Always be natural. Putting on airs will only make a giggle out of you. Be yourself and if you don’t know something say so.

2. If you like bright and pastel colors, wear them. They lift your spirits to the skies. And you look much prettier, especially when it’s a dark, foggy day, and people are in the dumps.

3. Take your problems to your Mum. She’s your best friend in the world really, and she’ll help you figure everything out just right. She’ll love having you turn to her because that’s what she’s there for.

4. Take your vitamins and eat the right food. If you live at home, your mum sees you do, but if you’re away traveling, a good but, then it’s more difficult and you have to manage for yourself.

5. Always have girl friends. They’re a comfort and fun to be with. Girls need to have other girls so they can compare notes on clothes and boys and things.

A smart career girl, even a teen-age one, has to have a set of rules to live by –– if she wants to stay happy. If Twiggy were to tell you what her own special behavior code is, it would be like the following, which our reporter finally managed to gather by fairly following her from morning to night.

1. Don’t go around being a femme fatale and trying to take all the boys away from girls you know. Before you know it, everybody, boys and girls alike, will hate you. You’ll even hate yourself.

2. Don’t wear too much make-up so you look like a clown. You need much less than older girls. Bring out your own beauty subtly.

3. Don’t have elaborate sophisticated hairdos. You should wear your hair simply, in a style fitting to your face. And the simpler it is, the easier it will be for you to take care for it.

4. Don’t let your clothes go to wreck and ruin. If a button is loose, sew it on. And don’t just throw your clothes around everywhere when you undress. Hang them up.

5. Don’t be a nasty old gossip. You can do a great deal of harm and absolutely no good. And other girls and boys would stay away from you. If you can’t say something decent about another person, then don’t say anything at all.

The magazine’s cover


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