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September 29, 2019

40 Fascinating Color Pics Capture Everyday Life of a Michigan Family in the 1950s and ‘60s

These fascinating color pics from Joel Dinda were taken by his father Roger Dinda that show everyday life of his family in the 1950s and 1960s.

Dinda family picnic, 1954

Hatti and Rog, 1954

Me and mom with my baby brother, January 1954

On my fifth birthday, February 1954

Debbie with baby Richard at Grandma and Grandpa's house, 1305 Palmer Avenue in Kalamazoo, January 1954

George Benwire at our house on Beacon Street in Kalamazoo, January 1954

Joey at Milham Park, 1954

Joey on ice, 1954

Milham Park in winter, Kalamazoo, January 1954

Rog and Richard, January 1954

Dad was a firefighter with the Kalamazoo Fire Department for most of the 1950s, July 1955

The kids on a bridge, Crum Park, I think, which used to be north of Galesburg, Michigan, 1955

Debbie, Joey, Dick and mom. This would be at Lake Michigan, likely Miami Beach or Deer Lick Point near South Haven, circa 1956

My mother Hatti in a tree at Crum Park, north of Galesburg, Michigan, June 1956

At the beach, South Haven, circa 1957

Debbie and Joey and a bunch of bluegill fillets. Community fish fries were a regular feature at Fishers Lake in the fifties, circa 1957

My dad, Rog in a boat. It's likely this is Fishers Lake, near Three Rivers, where the family usually vacationed when we kids were young, circa 1957

The kids on a drift, Lake Michigan, circa 1957

My Mom Hatti (Harriett Dinda), a fallen tree, and Lake Michigan, 1957

My mother Hatti, and her brother Russ Kroeger in our house on Palmer Avenue in Kalamazoo, March 1958

The Dinda kids in the late summer of 1959

The Dinda men, late summer of 1959

The Dinda women, 1959

Debbie, Dick, (frowning) Joel at the Ted Krogh residence in Carroll, Iowa, June 1960

Atop Miners Castle, July 1961

Probably Yankee Springs, 1961

Walking on the dune at Warren Dunes State Park. Lake Michigan in the background, 1961

Babe, Paul, and the kids, 1962

Fisher Lake sunset, 1962

Hatti, the 1960 Ford Falcon, and a picnic table, circa 1962

My father Roger Dinda at work at this desk in Upjohn Company's Building 89, 1962

Tahquamenon Falls, September 1962

Dicky amongst the lupine, at Yankee Springs State Recreation Area, 1963

Joey and the Apache, Wilderness State Park on the Straits of Mackinac, October 1963

The Mackinac Straits Bridge. Fort Michilimackinac in the foreground, 1963

Me (with the backpack), my Dad (Rog), and brother Richard on Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire's Franconia Notch, 1964

Brook Lodge, the Upjohn family estate, north of Augusta, Michigan, 1966

Debbie, and Lake Michigan's in the background, 1966

1318 Palmer, Kalamazoo, January 1967

March Street Hill, Kalamazoo, January 1967


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