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August 29, 2019

“Golimar” – This Indian Version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Is Definitely Not What You Expected

“Golimar” (or otherwise known as “Indian Thriller”) originated from a 1985 Telugu action film Donga (Burglar in English) where a scene featuring the film’s lead actor Chiranjeevi and some unnamed dancers do choreography and various other elements similar to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” thus the online alias.

In 1985, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was reimagined by film director A. Kodandarami Reddy for his film Donga as a dance number featuring leading man Chiranjeevi dressed in a red leather costume not unlike the one Michael Jackson wore for the “Thriller” short film, executing a mixture of traditional Telugu and Western dance moves to a backing track called “Golimar” sung by Indian playback singer S.P. Balu.

With the help of a handful of backup dancers dressed as zombies and leading lady Radha acting appropriately terrified, “Golimar” became a viral internet meme a few years ago, becoming a widely seen video on YouTube and a serious favorite across the web more than 30 years after the parody’s debut. It’s hard to describe how great this video is without giving anything away, so take our word for it and check it out in the video below.

In an effort to enhance the pure, unmitigated joy of “Indian Thriller”, Pseudo Random Blog Sequence translated the original Telugu lyrics into English. Enjoy!
golimar golimar mar mar mar

Shoot the bullet …
Shoot the bullet… shoot..shoot ..shoot

kashmora kaugiliste em chestavo
nepali mantrameste em avutaavo
kangaaru padda kanne shringarama
valapullo kuda inta vayyaramaa
golimar mar mar mar mar

What do you do when Voodoo embraces you
What will happen when Black Magic casts a spell?
O my flustered little nubile one
My my … what sensuality under such consternation
Shoot the bullet …
Shoot the bullet… shoot ... shoot ... shoot

puttangaane mattaipoye kuttichittang vaste
muddu pettalante alladi potave ammadu
banamati chestaro, praanalinka teestaaro
unna mati poyaaka uppu paatarestaaro
o inti banti poobanti, o shaltee shanti om shaanti
rudram roudram ririmsa
moorkham moodham mumurshaa
killer killer killer killer (repeat)

Fear the ghostly spirit that turns you to dust the moment you are born
The very thought of kissing me makes you wither ... you little waif
They might exorcise…. or they might slay the beast
As you lose your mind... you will lose your life…
A comely housewife… a ball of flowers... peace peace peace
Courage… rage... revenge...
Idiocy ... Hatred … Bigotry
Killer Killer Killer Killer Killer



muttangaane nittaipoye korivi dayyaloste
kongulantukunte challaaredettago ippudoo
cheta badi chestaaro kodi meda kostaaro
smashaanaala veedhullo pishaacaale padataaro
o naari pyaari vayyaari, o bhadra kaali kankaali
teevram teendram didruksha
mundu venuka pariksha

Hail the devil whose touch turns corpses to zombies
And then how do I douse the flames of your clothes?
Maybe they will do witchcraft on you … maybe they will slit the rooster’s throat
In the alleys of the graveyards, phantoms will be trapped
O seductive, voluptuous belle, O fearsome Mother Goddess
Intensity … Focus … Passion
Front and back examination


(via Society Of Rock)


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