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August 8, 2019

Pictures of Elvis Presley and Linda Thompson During Their Dating Days From 1972-76

Elvis and Priscilla were working through their divorce when he began dating the beauty queen Linda Thompson at the Memphian Theater in July 1972. Their relationship lasted until she finally moved out of Graceland for good in December 1976. In her 2016 autobiography, A Little Thing Called Life, Linda discusses her relationship with Elvis and her marriage to Bruce Jenner.

Thompson says one of the wisest and most memorable things she ever said to Elvis was on the night they met: “You should have married a Southern girl.” He readily agreed. “I was that Southern belle,” she noted, “who lived for her man and catered to his every whim. I was pretty much a perfect fit for him ‘right off the rack’—no alterations needed.”

“Ours was a complete relationship—when the need arose, we got to be everything to each other. He was almost sixteen years older than I and so it was natural for me to sometimes be the little girl, with him playing the daddy. More often than not, though, I was the mommy, and he was the baby. Sometimes we were lovers. Sometimes we were brother and sister. Sometimes we were best friends. We were all things to each other at one time or another. And Elvis was always, always everything to me.”

These vintage pics that captured moments of Elvis Presley and Linda Thompson together during their dating days from 1972 to 1976.


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  3. Who really cares? He lived a deranged life and was one of the enablers of sexual promiscuity, which has ruined our civilization like nothing else. This was known even back on the 1930s, when J. D. Unwin published "Sex and Culture".

    No, Presley has to be seen in the same light Madonna or Dieter Bohlen have to be seen: people who sold their soul to gain the world; degenerates, miscreants.




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