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August 8, 2019

30 Cool Pics That Defined the Women’s Hat Styles of the 1950s

In the 1940s, hats were the featured accessory. Women’s hats served a purpose, to add variety to her wardrobe, to keep spirits up during the war, and to cover unwashed hair.

Now as the New Look was established in fashion as a more dressed up and lady-like aesthetic so were the hats.  All accessories, gloves, bag, shoes, and hats competed for attention but ultimately worked together in unifying the look. Hats were small and dainty, exposing freshly styled hair, and framing the face now heavily painted in makeup. They were made of stiff fabrics and supported by wire and starched materials to maintain the clean lines and ridge shape required of the New Look.

The 1950s hats could be small or large with a low crown and were held on the head using elastic linings, combs and clips. They were made from straw, wool felt, velvet, lace or satin was often decorated with a single feather, a cluster of beads, ribbon, small flowers and nylon netting for veils. They were worn in a variety of colors to match every outfit’s accessories. 1950s hairstyles supported the changing shapes of hats or, more accurately, it was the 50s hat that adapted to hairstyle trends.

Take a look at these cool pics to see which hats women often wore in the 1950s.

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  1. Who's the idiot that thinks that women didn't wash their hair during wartime?




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