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June 16, 2019

Photos of Warren Beatty and Joan Collins During Their Dating Days

At 26, Collins met Hollywood newbie Warren Beatty at an L.A. restaurant in 1959.

“Warren was 22 and insanely ambitious,” Collins writes. “He was good-looking but — as he used to tell me — there were better-looking and younger guys out there, which is why he sometimes told people he was 20.”

“Although I wasn't madly in love with Warren, he and I were actually very compatible, even if he needed to have sex several times a day, which often wore me out. I once shocked my friend Joanne Woodward — who was married to Paul Newman — by saying I needed a break because the endless bonking was exhausting me. ‘Don't!’ she warned. ‘If you have a relationship with a libidinous 22-year-old, you'd better let him. Otherwise he’ll look for other avenues, as it were.’”

The couple continued seeing one another and eventually became engaged, but rumors of a string of high-profile flings on Beatty's part led to the couple's split.” (Source)

Take a look at these beautiful pics of Warren Beatty and Joan Collins during their dating days.



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