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June 16, 2019

The Longer the More Elegant: 40 Cool Pics of the 1930s Brides in Their Very Long Wedding Dresses

The 1930s, although most often remembered for the economic hardship of the Great Depression, its fashion was characterized by its romance and elegance. Garments from this period shed the boyish frivolity of the 1920s and predate the War-imposed practicality of the 1940s.

With the growing number of films being made, Hollywood was beginning to take center stage. Many designers were inspired by the allure of the Hollywood image and created feminine pieces that accentuated the figure. Bridal wear followed close behind, mirroring the trends of the mainstream fashions of the time.

1930s style wedding dresses inspired by the era of Old Hollywood movie star glamour. Sleek silky satin gowns, long beaded dresses, backless bias cut gowns in white, ivory, jewel tones or pastels.

These cool pics from Vintage Brides that show glamorous brides in their very long wedding dresses from the 1930s.



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