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May 28, 2019

Sheets of Portrait Photos of the Frank Family, 1939

Your child can smile, talk, or play and does not have to sit up or put on a pretty face.
Algemeen Handelsblad, 12 April 1935
In April 1935, Polyfoto opened a shop in Amsterdam’s city centre. For 1 guilder, you could have a sheet made with 48 different portrait photos.

The Frank family went there to have their pictures taken. Photo sheets of all four family members have survived. Several photos were cut from the photo sheet of the 36-year-old Edith. One of these is in the photo album that Anne compiled when they were in hiding.

Pictures of Anne Frank taken in a department store booth, 1939. (Photo by Anne Frank Fonds - Basel via Getty Images)

Portrait photo sheet of Margot Frank, 1939. (Collection: Anne Frank Stiching, Amsterdam)

(via Anne Frank House)



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