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May 29, 2019

40 of the Worst Asian Album Covers EVER!

Art is a strange creature. Ever mutating, evolving, and forever changing. Often the most obvious is overlooked. Often the over-looked is the most obvious in how we view the world around us. Often that which is overlooked is over shadowed by a more imposing medium. We identify so much with what we listen to and define parts of who we are by the sounds resting within the sleeves protecting the disc. We listen to the music and often take in the art with great interest but in many ways do not relate the image as art the way we do when we look at a painting or a photograph.

The art of album covers is a wild and wonderful genera of art that really has an upper hand in defining the culture that embraces the music it caresses. An honesty on a very temporal and primal level is recognized in the way this art is interpreted and rendered with these pieces.

These are gems that are the “less seen” visions and through them we can revisit the worlds that these artists and musicians lived in. Through them hopefully we can get a fresher glimpse of our own lives in the moment we live in.

Some of the images are disturbing and strange. Some are very revealing and serious commentary of the way we are as a community of humans. Others are humorous and delightful, poking fun at the world we live in. Mostly they are reflections of who we are and where we, where we have been, and where we are going to.

So enjoy these images. Have a laugh. Indulge.



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