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April 1, 2019

30 Cool Pics Show Badass Biker Chicks Through the Years

Kickass or badass, whatever you wanna call these tough biker ladies, here is a cool photo collection of women riding motorcycles in the past.

British sisters Nancy and Betty Debenham, circa 1920s

Lady astride a BSA registered PM-500, circa 1920s

Standing on the saddle, circa 1922

Two ladies on a motorcycle, circa 1924

Biker chicks, circa 1925

Young woman riding on a motorcycle with a golf bag on the back, 1928

Lady on a Z├╝ndapp, somewhere in Germany, circa 1930s

Biker Chicks, circa 1937

Dot Smith, the famous female stunt rider from the 1930s and 40s, sitting on her 1937 EL Knucklehead

Beautiful girl on a Harley-Davidson, circa late 1940s

Biker chicks, circa 1940s

Indian motorcycle, circa 1940s

Military Police, 1942

Biker chick, circa 1945

Indian motorcycle, circa 1946

Biker chick, circa 1960s

Biker chicks, circa 1965

Moped lady, circa 1967

Biker chick, circa 1968

Angelique Pettyjohn, 1969

Biker chick, 1969

1970 Norton Commando 750

1970s Harley Chopper lady

Biker chick, circa 1970s

Blue Suzuki 90 Trail Bike, circa 1970s

Biker chick, circa 1975

Biker chick, circa 1978

Biker chick, 1980

Biker chick, 1981

Biker chick, 1982



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