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April 18, 2019

30 Amazing Then & Now Portraits of Famous Actors Posing With Themselves in the Pictures of Past

Imagine that you can go back in time and meet with yourself at a young or young age. What advice would you give yourself? What words would say?

Artist Ard Gelinck, though not invented a time machine, but made a series of brilliant works, looking at which a feeling that he is away from us still hiding something.

Ard has created images of iconic artists (mainly actors and musicians) in a ‘then and now’ series that is blowing our minds. Each image is a look at a well-known face hanging with their younger selves, either at the pinnacle of their careers, when they first started out in childhood or at an important point in time.

These images are so flawlessly done and will make you feel more than a little nostalgic, particularly about those we’ve lost. Enjoy!

(Images © Ard Gelinck)



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