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April 18, 2019

30 Found Snaps That Defined the 70's Fashion Styles of Teenage Girls

Like the decades before it, fashion in the 1970s changed drastically from the beginning to the end. But the seventies certainly can't be compared to the sixties in that sense.

Fashion styles of teenage girls in the 1970s

The 1960s fashion style was still in effect with rebellious hippies and unconventional mods fighting it out in department stores. Seventies fashion was a mish-mash of a bit of everything.

In the end, comfort and casualness won the 70s fashion battle. All looks fought it out over the decade adapting the mod style into a less plastic, simple ease and the hippie look into a  tailored chic. Both turned to the use of color; brights for the mods and earth tones for the hippies. As well as bold patterns.

Take a look at these found snapshots from Steven Martin to see what fashion styles of teenage girls looked like in the 1970s.

Blonde girl standing by car, 1970

Girl having tea with her grandma, 1970

Girl in bikini in surf, 1970

Schoolgirl portrait, name Susan Beltz written on back, 1970

Teenage girls pose poolside, October 1971

Written on the back: "Jamie - 14th Birthday, October 18th, '71. Taken in family room"

Girl before Eiffel Tower, 1975

Girl on bar, 1976

Lovely girl in bikini, Jube 1976

Girl in bathrobe holding gift, 1977

On the back reads: "Denise, 1977"

Teenage girls on blanket, August 1977

Girl holding shark teeth, 1978

Girl poses with her younger brother, 1978

Two girls with dog, 1978

Backyard teenage girl party, circa 1970s

Girl at door, circa 1970s

Girl in green blouse in cemetery, circa 1970s

Girl in water, 1979

Girl poses with family on sofa, circa 1970s

Girl seated at kitchen table with newspaper, circa 1970s

Girl seated in chair, circa 1970s

Girl sitting on couch, circa 1970s

Girl standing by Texas Girls Choir sign, Fort Worth, circa late 1970s

Girls at dining table, circa 1970s

Girls making leis, circa late 1970s

Middle school girls, circa 1970s

Red crop top, circa 1970s

Sisters, circa 1970s

Two girls behind bus, 1979



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