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March 3, 2019

Fabulous Photos of Classic Beauties in Pucci Designs From the 1960s

Born 1914 in Naples to one of Florence's oldest noble families, Italian fashion designer and politician Emilio Pucci was photgraphed by Toni Frissell of Harper's Bazaar on the ski slopes of Italy wearing a ski ensemble of his own design in the late 1940s.

Harper's Bazaar asked him to design women's winter clothing which they featured in their magazine and which was sold at various different New York department stores.

1960s Pucci designs

In 1950, Pucci opened a couture house on the Isle of Capri. He was known for his boldly printed fabrics that he utilized in the design of blouses, capri pants, dresses, shorts and suits, and also designed lines of sweaters, swimwear and underwear for US clothing manufacturers.

Pucci designed the flight attendant uniforms for Braniff Airlines from 1965-1974. He created six different uniforms which included everything from solid colored dresses to boldly printed separates.

Pucci died in 1992 at the age of 78.

These fabulous photos that captured classic beauties in Pucci designs from the 1960s.

Isabella (l) in v-necked capsula and Nena (r) in two-part capsula, both by Emilio Pucci, boots also by Pucci, photo by Saul Leiter, Harper's Bazaar, May 1960

Suzy Parker in Pucci ensemble, 1960

Model in colorful silk dress by Pucci, photo by Burt Glinn, 1963

Mrs. Xavier Givaudan in hostess pajamas by Pucci, photo by William Klein, Vogue, October 15, 1963

Astrid Heeren in ski jacket by Pucci, photo by Peter Beard, American Vogue, 1964

Elsa Martinelli in a Pucci terry beach dress on Rio's Copacabana Beach, photo by Willy Rizzo, 1964

Editha Dussler is wearing Emilio Pucci's violet cloque silk dress, photo by Penn for Vogue, 1965

Model in lovely pink chiffon evening dress with stole that is attached at the wrists by Emilio Pucci from his Spring/Summer collection of 1965, Florence, Italy

Veruschka in beachwear by Emilio Pucci, photo by Henry Clarke for Vogue, 1965

Veruschka in design by Emilio Pucci, photo by Henry Clarke for Vogue, 1965

 Editha Dussler in a green and grape-colored empire dress over matching leotards by Pucci, photo by Henry Clarke, Vogue, June 1966

Editha in soft silk jersey swirls of greens and blues by Emilio Pucci, photo by Henry Clarke, Vogue US, 1966

Gina Lollobrigida in velvet two-piece by Emilio Pucci, photo by Angelo Frontoni, 1966

Maud Adams (r) and Nicole De La Marge (l) in Emilio Pucci ski clothes, photo by William Klein, Vogue, 1966

Models in various Pucci designs stand on the roof of his palazzo in Florence, 1966

Veruschka in Pucci-pattern body paint, photo by Franco Rubartelli for Vogue, 1966

Agneta Darin in short nightdress from Emilio Pucci, Harper's Bazaar, May 1967

Carol Lynley in colorful Pucci print, 1967

Jane Fonda wearing Pucci blouse, photo by Carlo Bavagnoli, 1967

Marisa is wearing a Pucci slip, photo by Henry Clarke, Sardinia, Italy, 1967

Mirella Petteni in silk tunic, pants and turban by Pucci, Spring/Summer 1967 Collection, photo by Gian Paolo Barbieri

Samantha Jones in a hooded silk jersey chemise by Emilio Pucci, photo by Henry Clarke in Udaipur, India, Vogue,
June 1, 1967

Simone D'Aillencourt modeling Pucci poncho, photo by Henry Clarke for Vogue, Udaipur, India, 1967

Benedetta Barzini in Pucci's palazzo pyjamas, photo by Henry Clarke, 1968

Diane in pants and top with matching scarf wrapped in a turban by Pucci, photo by Gian Paolo Barbieri, 1968

Diane is wearing silk crêpe jumpsuit with wide harem pants by Pucci from his 1968 Spring/Summer collection, photo by Gian Paolo Barbieri

Diane is wearing silk harem pants with jewelled cuffs and flowing chiffon tunic by Pucci from his 1968 Spring/Summer collection, photo by Gian Paolo Barbieri

Marisa in a two-piece bathing suit and sleeveless cover-up by Boutique Emilio Pucci, photo by Henry Clarke, Vogue Italia, June 1968

Veruschka in Pucci ski-wear, photo by Franco Rubartelli, Switzerland, November 1969



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