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February 2, 2019

Before Digital Camera Popularity: Studio Portrait Photos of Beautiful Women in the 1980s

In the mid-to-late 1990s, DSLR cameras became common among consumers. By the mid-2000s, DSLR cameras had largely replaced film cameras.

Before it, JMG Photography shot these glamorous photos of beautiful women at his studio from the 1980s.

Carol's Bikini, June 1982

Carol's Blue Polka-Dot Bikini, 1982

My Brown-Eyed Girl, April 1984

Cathy, 1985

Looking Beauty Square In The Eye, 1985

Miss Becky, 1985

Red Rose, 1985

Sandra Takes It Off, 1985

Sexy Nightgown, 1985

What Beautiful Eyes You Have, 1985

Michelle Vamp, 1987

Michelle, June 1987

Michelle, June 1987

Momma Mia, June 1987

 Portrait of Michelle, June 1987

Young Punk Rocker Michelle, June 1987

Ahoy Mate, 1989

All Dressed Up, January 1989

Angelic Angela 1989

Behind Open Blinds, 1989

Blue Teddy, 1989

Contemplation, 1989

Floored, February 1989

Hoisting The Colors, 1989

I Dream of Genie, 1989

Introspective, 1989

Julie in Soft Light, 1989

Patty's Sexy Swimsuit, February 1989

Red Hot, February 1989

Simple Pure and Beautiful, January 1989

Sweet Angela, January 1989

Sweet Blue Eyes, January 1989



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