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February 2, 2019

50 Impressive Photos That Capture Everyday Life of China in the Late 1970s

These impressive color photos were taken by Austrian photographer Herbert Stachelberger when he traveled in China in September 1978. The cities include: Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Shanghai.

Beijing. City of bikers

Beijing. Close ties

Beijing. Distrustful boy

Beijing. Emperor's Palace

Beijing. Enjoying off-time

Beijing. Family portrait

Beijing. Leisure time on the lake

Beijing. Off-time

Beijing. Pedestrians and bicycle riders in the Forbidden City

Beijing. Rearing offspring

Beijing. Returning home from work

Beijing. Rush hour

Beijing. The general is watching

Guangdong. Daily wash, Guangzhou

Guangdong. Dreaming of a better future at a factory producing silhouettes, Foshan

Guangdong. Means of transportation, Guangzhou

Guangdong. Pottery in Foshan

Guangdong. Pride of possession, Guangzhou

Guangdong. Rainy day, Foshan

Guangdong. Strong habits, Guangzhou

Jiangsu. A woman in Zhongqiao

Jiangsu. At a high school in Nanjing

Jiangsu. Caught by surprise, Nanjing

Jiangsu. Chinese family operating a small freight barge on the Emperors Channel, Wuxi

Jiangsu. Crossing the Yangtze, Nanjing

Jiangsu. Daily cooking, Nanjing

Jiangsu. Daily woes in Zhongqiao

Jiangsu. Eating out, Wuxi

Jiangsu. Electronics lab, at a high school in Nanjing

Jiangsu. Emperor Canal, Wuxi

Jiangsu. Extreme curiosity, Zhongqiao

Jiangsu. Faces in the crowd, Zhongqiao

Jiangsu. Fishing on Lake Tai

Jiangsu. Going to work

Jiangsu. Living on the lake, Wuxi

Jiangsu. Living on the lake, Wuxi

Jiangsu. Living on the lake, Wuxi

Jiangsu. Living on the lake, Wuxi

Jiangsu. Living on the lake, Wuxi

Jiangsu. Off-time pleasure, Nanjing

Jiangsu. Open air kitchen, Wuxi

Jiangsu. Physics lab, at a high school in Nanjing

Jiangsu. Suspicious glance, Wuxi

Jiangsu. The dawn of economic growth, Wuxi

Jiangsu. Total emancipation, Wuxi

Jiangsu. Total emancipation, Zhongqiao

Jiangsu. Ultimate cleanliness, Zhongqiao

Shanghai. Livingroom outdoors

Shanghai. Livingroom outdoors

Shanghai. Quality check of silk worm cocoons prior to processing in a silk mill



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