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February 22, 2019

Incredible Black and White Photos Show the Wild 1970s Party Scene in Nightclubs Across New York

Photographer Meryl Meisler has released an exhilarating exhibition of snaps giving us a peek into the excitement of the epic era. The talented photographer offers outsiders the opportunity to peer behind the curtain at another world.

New York City in the 1970s has become the stuff of legends. Anyone who was anyone got down and dirty in the city's downtown clubs with drugs, sex and disco the order of the day.

The exclusive Studio 54 disco scene saw outrageous outfits, frisky dancing and illicit fun take centre stage in an era of drama and excitement.

In an interview with Jocks & Nerds magazine, Meryl said: “I absolutely loved the disco scene; the music, the dancing, the mixed crowd and creative energy.”

Meryl Meisler has launched her exhibition with a collection of wild photos from the 70s New York club scene

Three's never a crowd in the New York clubs

Partygoers queue outside a New York venue

The dancing gets underway as these topless revellers display their acrobatic prowess

Glenn Hughes from The Village People performs to a sell-out crowd

This group get down and dirty on the dance floor

Disco heroes The Village People leave a club after a gig performed to adoring fans

Hitting the deck! These guys get low as they dance in a New York club

This dapper chap hitches a ride on the subway

The Studio 54 disco scene saw outrageous outfits and frisky dancing

Couples let their passions run wild without worrying about who was watching

A group of revellers pose as they leave world famous Studio 54

(Photos © Meryl Meisler, via The Sun)



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