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February 22, 2019

1940s Hair and Make-Up Secrets From Hollywood Stars for Your Face Type

Back in the 1940s, women used to choose their hairstyles depending on their face shape. For instance, if a lady had a thin face, she used to let her hair down to make it look wider.

However, even though that’s not really the case nowadays, we should just keep it in mind once we follow the vintage lifestyle. Modern Screens beauty expert Carol Carter had written for Vintage Makeup Guide and shows you how to match your given face with a glamorous Hollywood star in 1940s make-up and hairstyle.

1942 Hair and Make-up – Oval Face – Linda Darnell

Wear your hair this way:
For daytime – brush your hair from temples and sides into soft curls behind your ears to accent oval contours. Both the short feather and the modified long bob are becoming.

For evening – brush front hair into soft bangs or a smooth pompadour roll and curl the side sections into smooth reverse rolls.
Apply Make-up this way:
Place rouge in centre of cheek, blending it smoothly over cheekbone. Wear clear lipstick, not too bright, and make up mouth full, following its natural outline.

1942 Hair and Make-up – Round Face – Lynn Bari

Wear your hair this way:
Daytime – part hair on side, dressing top with small soft curls or rolls to add length to your face or sweep hair from temples into side pomps. Avoid heavy waves or curls below the ears.

Evening – brush top and side hair into smooth curls and rolls to add height. brush back section up from neck in soft, smooth waves and accent with light ornament.Avoid a bulky coiffure at your neckline.
Apply Make-up this way:
Wear rouge lightly on outer portion of cheek, blending it softly toward ear then down to jawline. Make up mouth wide following natural outline.

1942 Hair and Make-up – Square Face – Gene Tierney

Wear your hair this way:
Daytime – concentrate all fullness on upper half of the head. Wear a low side part to make forehead appear broader. Wear hair low behind ears in soft loose waves to soften the angles of the face.

Evening – sweep sides up in pompadour style. Brush hair back of ears into loose waves or curls, or ornament with pretty ribbon or barrette if you like.
Apply Make-up this way:
Place rouge in centre of cheek under eye and blend, then downward. Make up mouth wide with upward tilt to corners.

1942 Hair and Make-up – Heart Shaped – Mary Martin

Wear your hair this way:
Daytime – keep front locks soft, with bangs or waves dipping inward from temples. Wear sides smooth with fullness below ears to give chin width.

Evening – brush hair softly up from brow in reverse bangs or with top curls forming partial bang on right side. Keep loose or adorn sides of hair with flowers – very pretty.
Apply Make-up this way:
Apply rouge high on cheek, blending softly toward temple. Follow natural outline of lips but curve top one slightly at centre.

1942 Hair and Make-up – Long Face – Dorothy Lamour

Wear your hair this way:
Daytime – brush hair soft and fluffy at sides at sides, maintaining fullness below the ears to give face added width. Also wear fluffy bangs to shorten apparent length of face.

Evening – part hair in centre, have two reverse rolls going from each ear to centre part. Back hair may be combed into one low roll below ears or may be fluffed out.
Apply make up this way:
Place rouge in centre of cheeks, blending in toward nose. Accent natural outline of lips, making lower lip slightly full at corners.

1942 Hair and Make-up – Diamond Shaped – Claudette Colbert

Wear your hair this way:
Daytime – wear hair soft and full above and below ears, but dressed snugly at cheekline to give more oval contours.

Evening – encircle head in smooth reverse roll, with soft wave breaking into ringlets or bangs at the brow.
Apply Make-up this way:
Rouge highest point of cheekbone, blending gently outward in all directions. Curve lips slightly, following natural outlines, but avoid making them look too wide.

(This original article was published on Vintage Makeup Guides)



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