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December 1, 2018

28 Vintage Photographs of George H.W. Bush Before He Became the 41st President of the United States

George H.W. Bush, who died Nov. 30, 2018 at the age of 94, served the government in various roles before he was elected president in 1988.

With a rich political and personal legacy, former President George H. W. Bush left no shortage of memorable photos from his time both in and out of office. He was also no stranger to controversy and was voted out after one term, bringing an end to the Reagan Republican era.

Before his life in the limelight, the Senator's son made his mark as a Navy pilot in WWII and captain of the Yale baseball team before making his fortune drilling oil in Texas. His marriage to Barbara Pierce, daughter of the McCall's magazine publisher, was the longest of any U.S. presidential couple.

In politics, Bush served in numerous roles over more than 25 years: U.S. Congressman from Texas (1966-1970), ambassador to the United Nations (1971-1974), Special Envoy to China (1974-1975), Republican National Chairman (1975-1976), CIA director (1976-1977), Vice President of the U.S. (1981-1989), and the 41st President of the United States (1989-1993).

Since exiting the highest office, his love of life and family was never more visible. He saw his first son become the 43rd U.S. President - only the second father-son presidential duo in U.S. history - and to the delight of many photographers he went skydiving at age 85 and took to wearing colorful socks while traveling in a wheelchair.

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George Herbert Walker Bush is pictured when he was one and a half year old.

Five-year-old George H. W. Bush stands with his sister Mercy in Milton, Massachusetts, 1929.

Here Bush is as a young teenager, July 1937.

George H.W. Bush at summer camp, 1939.

The future president poses in his Phillips Academy Andover baseball uniform, 1941.

Bush served in the Navy from June 1942 to September 1945.

George H. Bush, Naval Aviator Cadet, 1943.

The wedding of George H.W. Bush and Barbara Pierce, in Rye, New York, 1945.

Bush was a Navy pilot during the war.

Baseball legend Babe Ruth (left) presents his papers to Yale University, received by Yale baseball team captain George Bush, 1946.

George Bush is shown as captain of the Yale baseball team, 1947.

George H. W. Bush became Bush Sr. a year before this picture was taken at Yale University, 1947.

The Bushes pose for a family portrait, 1956.

George H.W. Bush and son George W. Bush at the commissioning ceremonies for the Scorpion off-shore drilling platform, 1956.

George Bush and his wife Barbara cast their votes in Houston for the Texas senate primary race in 1964, his entry into politics. Bush was seeking the Republican primary victory over opponent Jack Cox, and went on to oppose (and lose to) Sen. Ralph Yarborough in the November general election.

George Bush Sr. proudly displays his son George Bush Jr.'s Texas Air National Guard uniform, 1968.

U.S. Congressman George Bush speaks to students on SMU campus during his run for a Republican Senate seat, a race that he lost, 1970. Bush was a U.S. Congressman from Texas from 1966-1970.

Here is Bush's portrait as chairman of the Republican National Committee, May 1974.

Bush looks pensive while discussing U.S. intelligence reform, February 1976.

Bush gives a speech as the Republican vice presidential candidate, July 1980.

Vice Presidential candidate George H. W. Bush sits with his family dog Fred in Kennebunkport, Maine, September 1980.

George H. W. Bush stands beside President Reagan at his inauguration, November 1981.

Newly elected Vice President George H. W. Bush poses on his porch, 1982.

Vice President Bush meets Princess Diana and Prince Charles at the British Ambassador's Residence, November 1985.

Bush, then a presidential candidate, laughs with his wife, August 1988.

Bush speaks at campaign rally near the end of his presidential race, September 1988.

Outgoing President Ronald Reagan congratulates newly-inaugurated President George H.W. Bush, as first lady Barbara Bush (center), George W. Bush (top right) and others applaud during the swearing-in ceremony, 1989.

President George H. W. Bush and First Lady Barbara stand in front of the Lincoln Memorial during the inauguration ceremony, January 1989.

(Photos: Getty Images, AP Photo, and George Bush Presidential Library)



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