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December 16, 2018

How Could Slovenian Fighter Albina Mali-Hočevar Look Before the Wound

Albina Mali-Hočevar (1925–2001) was an extremely brave Slovenian anti-fascist resistance fighter and national hero, who was wounded three times in combat and fought to liberate Yugoslavia from 1941 until 1944.

Here’s the face of a once beautiful girl was disfigured by war, and let’s take a look at how she could look before the wound.

Here’s the colorized version.

Albina joined the People’s Liberation Movement at 16. She was wounded twice at 17, and wounded again by an exploding mine three days after her 18th birthday. She continued fighting and working as a nurse for the rest of the war (another two years).

In 1946 she granted the Partisan Memorial 1941, which was awarded to all fighters of the Yugoslavian National Liberation Movement who had served since 1941. In 1952 Albina was awarded the Order of the People’s Hero, in the category of Women National Heroes, which was the highest award in Yugoslavia at the time.

Albina Mali-Hočevar lived until the age of 75.



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