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November 30, 2018

Artist Transformed Victorian Portraits Into Amazingly Hilarious Superheroes Trading Cards

Combining 19th century cabinet card portraiture with superheroes, movie monsters, and other idols, Los Angeles-based artist Alex Gross has created an army of whimsical trading cards with a vintage feel.

His love of days gone by inspired him to create the pop-culture masterpieces. “I absolutely love old photos and vintage pictures,” he told Vivianite. “The Victorian Era is the time when I would have liked to live.” The idea has become an ongoing project of his and by now he already has dozens of funny and creative retro illustrations in his portfolio.

Stoic figures from the past have been reincarnated as the stars of Superman, Star Trek, Star Wars, and other cult faves. Gross doesn’t just slap a painted costume on each individual, though. He transforms them into lively characters by creating new landscapes for them to dwell in, complete with props and other quirky touches. Delight in Gross’ geeky menagerie past the break.

Batman and Robin


Batgirl, Wonder Woman & Supergirl

Batman & Catwoman

Batman, Batgirl & Robin TV Show


Bloody Wolverine

Darth and Family


Daredevil (Netflix)

Black Panther

Poe Dameron

Night King


Affleck Batman

Magneto (Film)

Han Solo


Kid Flash

Cat Woman (Julie Newmar)

Mr. Incredible

Captain Marvel


Superboy and Robin

Wonder Twins

Amidala (Idolene Hackney)

Batman Family (1896)

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Joker

Fifties Superman

(Images © Alex Gross, via Flavorwire)


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