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August 14, 2018

40 Adorable Vintage Pictures That Capture Lovely Moments of Animals

Not only humans sometimes have funny moments, animals also have, and these adorable vintage snapshots that captured them.

Test drive

Tippy has his own place

Trachodon and Brontosaurus


Tricycle dog

Two in one

Unwelcome Attentions


White and black

A calico, a tabby and a puppy

At Stud, Services Guaranteed

Baby bunnies and kitten

Baby dog

Bear standing at a car window

Carlo and Pickles taking a nap

Cat and goat

Cat on top of a dog

Cool dog wearing sun glasses

Dancing doggies

Dog and bone

Dog and cat sleeping together on the floor

Dog driving a Pierce Arrow

Dog family

Dog on top of a horse

Dog peers into a fish tank

Dogs on a ladder

Frank's Dog

Free as a bird


The guardian


Jameson puppies

Jumping dog

Obese dog


Puppy pile

Sleepy dog tucked into a blanket

Spotted a mouse

Swimming dog

Terrier dog and her puppies in a box

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