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August 14, 2018

How to Dress Like a ’80s Aerobics Babe

On April 24, 1982, actress Jane Fonda revolutionized the fitness world with her first Jane Fonda Workout video. In the 1980s, aerobics was super trendy and so were the colorful workout clothes. Want to dress like a 1980s aerobics junkie? Here are 16 accessories you need to start sweating like a fit ’80s babe.

1. Wear a Leotard

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A leotard is the most important part of a 1980s aerobics outfit. Wear matching tights and a belt for maximum impact.

2. Wear Leg Warmers

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Don't even think about doing aerobics without a pair of matching leg warmers to keep your ankles and heels nice and toasty. Knit leg warmers are best.

3. Wear a Cool ’80s Hairdo (Possibly a Mullet)

Harry Langdon/Getty Images

Every great aerobics workout needs a cool 1980s hairdo, like Jane Fonda's amazing mullet.

4. If You Can't Do a Mullet, Wear a Scrunchy

Mike Powell/Allsport/Getty Images Sport

If you can't pull off a mullet, then pull your hair back with a big scrunchy. Preferably one in a bright, wild color. Or pull half of your hair back with a scrunchy and style your bangs sky-high. Bring extra hairspray to restyle it after your workout.

5. Wear High-Cut Fitness Briefs Over Spandex Pants

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If you want to show some midriff, opt for a sports bra with matching Spandex pants topped with black high-cut briefs. The briefs will help hide the dreaded camel toe.

6. Wear Scrunchy Socks

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Keep your feet warm and protected with scrunchy white socks that have plenty of elastic in the ankle region.

7. Wear a Headband

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It's kind of grody for sweat to drip down your face and into your eyes. So make sure to wear a stretchy fitness headband to soak up your sweat and keep your hair out of your face.

8. Wear Neon

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Make sure to wear bright neon colors so that everyone in the aerobics class can see you. Can't wear neon yellow? Wear hot pink instead.

9. Wear a Wild Print

Karl Weatherly/Getty Images

If you're not a neon gal, wear a wild colorful print so that everyone can see you jump and kick. If the print has spirals, even better!

10. Wear Spandex Pants With Stir-Ups

Dennis Hallinan/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

To keep your Spandex pants in place, wear ones with stir-ups. Be sure to wear leg warmers over them in a contrasting color.

11. Add a Belt to Your Leotard

Dennis Hallinan/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Every leotard should have a belt to cinch you in and show off your fit waistline.

12. Wear a Slouchy Sweatshirt

Stephen Stickler/The Image Bank/Getty Images

In the 1980s, everyone went totally "Flashdance" with slouchy sweatshirts with the collars cut out. Make sure it hangs off one shoulder and shows off your cool tank top underneath.

13. Wear White Aerobics Sneakers

Dennis Hallinan/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

To bounce around with the best, pick a comfortable pair of white high-top aerobics sneakers, preferably ones with two Velcro straps at the ankle for extra support.

14. Wear Biker Shorts

Jack Hollingsworth/Getty Images

Biker shorts are a must. Layer them underneath leotards or pair them with sports tops.

15. Wear a Multi-Colored Track Suit

Stewart Cohen/Getty Images

Opt for a multi-colored track suit if you want more coverage. This is great for more mature ladies. Make sure to wear one in a flimsy fabric and wear the pants hiked up to your waist.

16. Bring Your 1980s Boyfriend

Dennis Hallinan/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Doing aerobics is always more fun with your boyfriend. Dress him in a white tank top, super short white shorts, white sneakers and white socks. If he has a mustache, even better!

(This original article was written by Jennifer Nicole Sullivan, and published on Live About)



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