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July 17, 2018

40 Amazing Photos That Capture Street Scenes of Sweden in the 1900s

These amazing photographs from Swedish National Heritage Board were taken by unknown photographers that captured town views, city environments, harbours, streets, squares and individual buildings - such as palaces, dwelling houses, official buildings, school buildings, railway stations, castles, etc.

A range of different towns are represented, from north to south: Stockholm - the capital of Sweden, industrial and university towns, commercial and cathedral towns as well as port towns. Towns with medieval roots like Visby (today a UNESCO World Heritage), and towns founded in different centuries in between.

Åmål. The western part of Åmål, after the fire on the 9th of May, 1901. People and ruins

Åmål. The western part of Åmål, after the fire on the 9th of May, 1901

Åmål. View over Åmål, from Kungsberget (King's Mountain), before the fire in May 1901. Åmål church to the right

Arboga. Market at the Main Square. To the left is the Lundborg building, in the middle is the Stenberg house

Arboga. Two children on a road by the Arboga Stream. In the middle, the tower of the Holy Trintiy church, and left of it the tower of St. Nicolai church

Borås. Nybro (Newbridge) square. In the middle the tower of Caroli church

Enköping. Anchored boats in Enköping harbour with storehouses

Filipstad. The Church by Lake Daglösen

Gävle. Street demonstration on Fiskartorget (Fishermen's square - today Harbour Square) on the 1st of May - the International Workers' Day. To the left is the fire station, built in 1890-1891

Gävle. View of Gävle at Gävleån river. Horse and carriage on the bridge

Gothenburg. Gustaf Adolf square with the City Hall in the middle of the picture and the tower of Christine church to the left

Gothenburg. People in Postgatan street in Kronhuset area

Jönköping. House of Lundströms' 'after the fire', towards Stjärngränd lane

Karlshamn. The Skottsberg House with man and boy at the doorsteps and facade towards Drottninggatan street

Linköping. Children in Ågatan street. To the right is the Methodist Church and in the middle of the background is the tower of Linköping Cathedral

Linköping. The crossing between St. Lars street and Storgatan (High Street), probably taken from the tower of St. Lars Church

Ludvika. The old railway station 'Bergslags-Ludvika' to the right and the railway hotel to the left

Lund. 'The AF-fortress' - the building of the Academic Society, built about 1850 at the Lundagård park

Malmö. Fire station at Drottninggatan (Queen street), with jumping sheet, fire men and horses

Malmö. Jörgen Kock's house

Malmö. Private Bank of Skåne, on the corner of Östergatan and Bruksgatan streets

Malmö. Södra Förstadsgatan street, viewed from the Southern Customs

Malmö. State secondary grammar school for boys (today Malmö Latin School) in Amiralsgatan street

Malmö. The Main Square towards Södergatan (South street)

Malmö. The second building to the right is the Elementary School for girls at Slottsgatan street. To the left is Kungsparken (King's Park)

Norrköping. Harbour at Motala Stream

Nyköping. Östra Storgatan (East High Street) with the Central Bank of Sweden to the right

Östersund. The Main Square with market stalls in front of the Grand Hotel

Stockholm. Nybroviken bay in Stockholm city. View towards Galärvarvet at Djurgården. In the middle is Nordiska museet (Nordic museum) under construction

Stockholm. Nybroviken bay with anchored ships. In the middle, the opening of Birger Jarlsgatan street

Stockholm. The Funck House at Kornhamnstorg square in the Old Town

Ulricehamn. The Town Hall from 1789 at the Main square

Uppsala. Gustavianum from the 1620s, the oldest building of Uppsala University (today Museum Gustavianum), and Uppsala Cathedral

Uppsala. The staircase in the medieval building Domtrapphuset, viewed from Fyris square

Västerås. Sleighs on a wintry street. Västerås Cathedral in the background

Växjö. A goods train at the railway station. In the background Växjö cathedral

Visby. A courtyard in the block called 'Kaplanen' (The Chaplain). The tower of Visby Cathedral, Saint Mary, in the background

Visby. A woman in Lübska gränd lane by the Old Pharmacy. In the background is St. Lars medieval church ruin

Visby. House at Stora torget (the Main Square), now demolished

Visby. Women in the yard of the Hägg building in St Drottensgatan street



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