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June 1, 2018

48 Emotional Pictures That Capture Everyday Life of Children During World War II

Children were massively affected by World War II. Nearly two million children were evacuated from their homes at the start of World War II. They had to endure rationing, gas mask lessons, living with strangers etc.

Sadly, children accounted for one in ten of the deaths during the Blitz of London from 1940 to 1941.

Here is an emotional photo collection that shows everyday life of children during World War II.

Safe at least

So long soldier, and good luck

Sugar baby - a refugee

Theater of rest

Travels in style

With the greatest of care

Yank aids flying bomb victim

Young Frenchman finds a friend

Youthful refugees

A child of war

A lucky Kharkov civilian

Air conditioning - Chinese style

Aussie wives head for U.S.

Boy poses for photographing

Bringing home American 'bacon'

But it’s still home

Children evacuated from London

China feeds American warbirds

Chinese orphans

Chinese boy helps build airfield

Danger! Unexploded Bomb

Famine in India

Famine in India

Famine in India

Father and son fight together

Fearful eyes of the innocent

First aid

First milk for Guam child

For Jews only

French children frolic near invasion craft

Going bye-bye

Head for Bastille Day Festivities

Heading for a new homeland

'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'

Hiding her shame

Hitch-hiking in the Iceland manner

Japan attacks on Philippines

Latest Italian drive

London children mobilized for evacuation

Malta’s children can still smile

Mascot of the Yanks

Merry Christmas from the yanks

Milk for children of Oran

Mother's little helper

New deep shelter against 'Buzz-bombs'

Orphans of war

Refugee, English style

Safe at last!



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