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June 1, 2018

Ray-ducer: Portable Steam Bath That Help to Lose Weight Fast, 1949

It turns any sunny spot into a reducing parlor

Surprised one day by a door-to-door salesman while she was sunbathing in her backyard, Mrs. George Freitas of Glendale, California, discovered the plastic sheet she wrapped herself in was not only emergency clothing but a remarkable inducer of perspiration. As a result she designed the Ray-ducer, an outsize plastic jumper which fastens tightly at ankle and neck and costs $11.95.

While the sun’s tanning rays do not readily penetrate it, the heat rays do, making it a portable steam bath since a person wearing it will perspire in it even when motionless.

Hollywood actresses and baseball players find it a quick, if temporary, way of losing a few pounds.

Movie hopeful Jo Jordan wears a Ray-ducer to lose weight fast.

Pitcher Salveson tries one



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